Automated Lead Management From Contact to Closure

April 6, 2011

CDC Marketing Automation is a marketing automation and lead management solution that enables marketers to conduct even the most complex multi-channel marketing campaigns with ease.

The true value of marketing can become obscured when the leads generated by marketing activities are not effectively measured, routed, and acted upon. Businesses often allocate large budgets to customer acquisition activities, only to have an average of 80% of all leads fall through the cracks. CDC Marketing Automation automates the qualification, distribution, and nurturing of leads from initial contact to closure, ensuring that all leads are properly captured and acted upon.

The CDC Marketing Automation Lead Manager Application lets marketers easily collect, qualify, and rank leads and instantly distribute them to the right salesperson for immediate follow-up. 

Highlights include:

  • Increase Lead Volume by enabling marketers to increase the number of leads they generate through better targeting and increased campaign volume capacity, CDC Marketing Automation helps marketers meet and exceed their lead targets.
  • Qualified Leads - Instantly. No more false leads! Marketers can use CDC Marketing Automation to define tailored lead-qualification questions and integrate them into their campaigns, prompting prospects to self-qualify at the point of lead-generation. Eliminate the need for follow-up by the inside sales team just to determine basic lead quality.
  • Rank Leads Effectively. Ensure sales follows up with the hottest leads first. CDC Marketing Automation enables marketers and salespeople to set mutually agreed-upon ranking criteria and implement a lead-scoring system based on these rules. When leads come in through campaigns, they are instantly scored.
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