Factory MOM Maintenance Datasheet

July 19, 2012

Improve maintenance response times and asset utilization with a real-time maintenance control function that is fully integrated with the shop floor management system. Streamline work permit systems and integrate real-time work order generation with common EAM systems.


  • Real-time maintenance work order generation and allocation – often automated directly from the plant floor
  • Single point-of-access via a simple touch-screen on the factory floor
  • Upstream/downstream visibility on current maintenance activity encouraging teams to take immediate remedial action
  • Pre-configured metrics such as mean time to repair, mean time between failure and asset life-cycle costing
  • Improved maintenance response providing real-time spare parts look up and purchase requisitioning
  • Standard integration to common Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems harnessing the benefits of real-time work management with long-term engineering planning
  •  Directly support Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) strategies enabling production teams to take direct ownership of basic maintenance checks

Benefits Realized

  •  Reduced downtime
  •  Improved asset utilization
  •  Improved mean time to repair
  •  Reduced maintenance inventory
  •  Improved labor  utilization
  •  Prioritize asset capital investments based on real-time plant performance comparisons
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