Tafisa Canada Implements Ross ERP as Backbone for Expansion Efforts

July 17, 2012

Tafisa grows a make-to-order business with Ross.
Case Study

Tafisa Canada and Company is a leading manufacturer of particleboard and thermofused melamine panels used for furniture, cabinets and doors.  They chose Ross ERP for its ability to support a multi-national make-to-order business.  “Ross ERP streamlines our make-to-order business operations by enabling a faster time-to-market while supporting our expansion effort,” Says Sophie Reiher, Director of IT.

Prior to Ross ERP, Tafisa operated in a purely reactive, manual mode. With improved visibility and a set of records in place, Tafisa now takes full advantage of its data. The company now proactively consults with customers to discuss accurate order status, as well as tracking and costing, made easy with the information in one place. “Using Ross ERP, Tafisa has successfully launched a second particleboard line and expanded its plant becoming the largest particleboard production facility in North America,” said Reiher. “Taking advantage of Ross ERP’s multiple packaging units as well as inventory status we are able to exact better quality control over our products.


  • Revenue has increased from $75M to $200M since implementing Ross ERP
  • Real-time, accurate order information improves customer interaction and overall satisfaction
  • Ross ERP Maintenance Management module provides significant annual cost savings – spare parts inventory
  • Real-time inventory allows Tafisa to move free stock 2-3 days faster than previously

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