Jenmar Leverages Ross ERP to Build the Business

July 17, 2012

Jenmar implemented Ross ERP in five plant sites plus corporate offices within 12 months.  The ERP solution included process management, inventory control, purchasing and full financials, replacing silos of information that were holding back the company’s growth.

“One of the things that impressed us from the beginning, was the flexibility demonstrated by Ross,” said Ted Benham, Jennmar’s vice president of information technology. “They were the only vendor that took the data we provided and actually showed us how to manage the process of making roof bolts. This proved to us that the Ross team understood the unique requirements of a metals company and could provide a solution that closely fit our business needs”.


  • Real-time, enterprise-wide visibility to operational data
  • Reduced time required to close the books at the end of each month from six days to two days
  • Reduction in billing error complaints by 90%

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