First American Resources Gains Increased Visibility Enterprise Wide

July 17, 2012

To accommodate  its rapid growth, First American Resources needed an ERP solution to gain greater visibility across its business. The company selected Ross  ERP for its superior technology and product management capabilities. First American Resources can now track inventory throughout the system. The company can track each product with assigned characteristics, including height, weight and line speed to each individual lot.

In addition, the company has moved from physical inventory to automated cycle counting, reducing valuable time and resources previously allocated for inventory. The company also has benefited from increased visibility into financials. Executives have access to critical information necessary to make business decisions in a timely manner.

“The company-wide visibility we achieve with Ross ERP allows us to better track financials,” said Fred Hayse, CFO for First American Resources. “We’ve reduced the amount of time it take to close the books monthly from three weeks to less than two days and annually from two months to three days. These increased operational efficiencies have helped First American Resources become a leader in the coil-coating industry.”

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