Telstra eMerge Case Study

July 17, 2012

“We were impressed by the flexibility, efficiency and responsiveness it offered and the fact it could obviously handle our reporting requirements working with up to twenty million transactions per month. Pivotal CRM promised a fast, nimble CRM solution that would provide an intimate and single view of our customers, their purchase decisions, history with Telstra and opinions. There was also an increased comfort level for the team in that the solution was delivering results to many major corporations internationally,” says Magdy Messiha, IT Manager at eMerge.

Read the case study to learn how this organization of state-of-the-art marketers uses Pivotal CRM to track and report on trends in customer feedback resulting in:

  • Increased efficiency within the business unit—a smaller sized team is working far smarter, able to test more campaigns on an annual basis
  • Increasing the number of campaigns being tested by 100% since its implementation
  • Enabling eMerge to set up campaigns in a matter of days (2-3) as opposed to weeks (2-3), as it traditionally took them
  • Reduced time spent training team members they only have to be proficient in one system as opposed to a variety of native databases
  • An organizational culture that is far more positive, energized, and satisfied
  • Less resources spent on external consultants to provide support and customize the technology
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