CMS Cameron McKenna

March 27, 2011

“Most of the competitive offerings could meet some but not all of our needs. However, it was not the functionality alone that really influenced our decision to use CDC Pivotal CRM. The organization made a tremendous effort to understand what we were about and was able to offer a flexible solution and adapt to our needs,” says Andrew Powell, Director of Marketing at CMS Cameron McKenna.

Read the case study to learn why this international law firm uses CDC Pivotal CRM to obtain business-streamlining benefits including:

  • Automated file-opening linked to client contact and intelligence database, leading to improved risk management
  • A more holistic view of the firm’s business relationships and enhanced visibility of potential opportunities
  • Increases cross-selling and referrals
  • The ability to better identify and track business opportunities
  • A streamlined sales pipeline management solution
  • Support for the effective delivery and evaluation of marketing campaignsTools to measures ROI against specific client-development and marketing activities
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