AAA Western and Central New York Case Study

July 17, 2012

“With Pivotal CRM, it’s now a keystroke. No matter who picks up the call in the contact center or who is at the reception desk in the branch or who gets an e-mail inquiry, they have the opportunity to understand that member’s orientation and meet their needs. Members are going to find us much more able and prepared to be relevant to their inquiries and concerns,” says David Gavanthor, Vice President, Travel at AAA Western and Central New York.

Read the case study to learn more about how AAA takes advantage of the robust functionality and ease of customization inherent in Pivotal CRM to:

  • Reduce call times
  • Increase user productivity and efficiency
  • Improve integration of marketing promotions
  • Increase conversion of member interactions into member transactions
  • Improve visibility and coordination across business lines
  • Increase recorded feedback items by 45% over previous year
  • Generate anticipated increases in member satisfaction and retention and a reduction in turnover, training and recruitment costs
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