Berner Food & Beverage, Inc. Case Study

July 18, 2012

Increased demand and plans for innovative new product launches meant Berner was faced with an increasingly complex SKU mix. Approaching full capacity and with an ambitious 5yr growth plan, the company wanted to improve throughput efficiencies and reduce performance variances – cutting changeover times, unplanned downtime and minor stoppages, as well as reducing re-work and waste. However, with no efficient or reliable system for collecting data, Berner was unable to identify the specific areas for performance opportunities. Read the case study on how Berner Foods transformed the productivity of the workplace after implmenting CDC Factory.

They deliverd an immediate 20% improvement in efficiency in the first year unlocking the equivalent to 4m lbs of product per year. The increased capacity through improved OEE has led to improved gross margin and on-time delivery, and more competitive pricing, driving further sales. Supervisors spend less time collecting data and managing paperwork and more time interpreting and acting on the information instead, eliminating a plateau in performance improvement. With the involvement and buy-in of everybody involved, the CDC Factory system is facilitating a step change in company culture and it is contributing positively to the morale and motivation of the workforce.

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