Collaborative Inventory Management with CDC TradeBeam

April 11, 2011

Effective inventory management is fundamental to a global manufacturing supply chain strategy. Most companies struggle to balance cost and service on a daily basis. They spend significant time and money managing their supplier base to achieve this goal, but too often results are inconsistent and unpredictable. Inventory management becomes reactive and labour intensive, which reverberates across the supply chain causing:

  • Unscheduled production downtime
  • Excess inventory carrying costs
  • Expedited shipments and premium freight charges
  • Increased administrative costs
  • Inaccurate forecasting and production scheduling
  • Inability to commit to customer service requests 

To meet these challenges, manufacturers have turned to the CDC TradeBeam collaborative inventory solution, i-Supply. i-Supply optimises inventory levels by providing the visibility necessary to minimise risk, reduce emergency shipments and improve order accuracy and lead time.

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Edward Reyes Jr
Found the information very informative, just starting at a new company whereas a process like this would benefit the company and improve the bottom line. I would like to see and try some supply chain program before addressing with management. Thanks
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