Maximizing Relationship Value with CRM Systems

March 22, 2011

As the financial services industry and the economy as a whole climb their way out of the credit crunch, commercial banks have their work cut out for them. Does your firm have the tools it needs to be strategic and innovative in building and managing client relationships in this demanding environment?

"Maximizing Relationship Value with CRM Systems" discusses how commercial banks can maximize revenues and client loyalty by implementing a client relationship management (CRM) strategy that gives them a 360-degree view of each of their clients - enhancing all of their client-facing activities and helping build relationship capital.

In this article, you'll learn why commercial banks and other financial services firms need to move beyond simple contact management to true CRM. You'll also discover how CRM designed specifically for the needs of commercial banks can maximize the insight and value derived from each stage of the client relationship and become an outstanding competitive differentiator.

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