Customers Say the Funniest Things!

Research into customer complaints by CDC Software & Henley Business School reveals the funnier side of customer complaints

Burnham, UK, September 14, 2011 — The customer complaints and feedback management specialist, in association with Henley Business School, asked over 200 customer service professional to detail the funniest, most unusual or seemingly outrageous customer complaints they have received in recent years.

The question was asked as part of a wider research project into customer service levels in the UK and the public’s perception of customer complaints management: “The Future of CRM”.

A supporting roundtable discussion, the research highlights, a customer service industry Vox Pop and a video summary of the funny complaints can be viewed at

The 20 funniest ‘complaints’ are listed below.


1) A customer phoned following the delivery of a curtain pole. On finding the customer out, the driver decided it was possible to deliver the pole - through the letterbox. When the customer returned they found their pet dog pinned to the wall!
2) Following the purchase of a dishwasher, a customer returned to the store and announced: “The drum on the dishwasher is quite obviously faulty – when set to wash water sprays, but the plates don’t spin!”
3) A student contacted a food producer saying the fish dish he’d eaten contained a fish hook on which he’d almost choked. An investigation proved the fish was trawled (net caught) and no hooks had been used! The student apologised for attempting to falsely obtain compensation!
4) A customer complained the ham he’d purchased was unreasonably salty and demanded a refund. The grocery retailer advised he was happy to provide a refund on return of the remaining ham. The customer said this “would be impossible” he’d consumed the remaining 480grams of offending ham!
5) A supermarket customer complained their bill was incorrect. The assistant explained that a number of in-store discounts had been applied, hence the lower than expected total. The customer took this as a criticism of their maths skills and demanded to speak with the manager. Despite further explanation the customer insisted on paying the higher amount!
6) On receiving a call advising their contact lens order was early and could be collected, a customer complained to the head office complaining that the ‘overzealous’ ordering system was akin to high pressure selling!
7) A customer threatened to escalate his complaint to director level having failed to reach a satisfactory resolution with customer services. Adamant his phone should withstand a full wash cycle he insisted not only on a replacement handset, but on an up-grade as added compensation. The pocket of his jacket was “clearly” marked as waterproof!
8) A customer returned a television to the shop complaining it was faulty. On being told he needed to remove the packaging, the customer demanded a refund stating that at “no point in the sales process” had he been told he’d be required to remove packaging!


9) A holiday maker contacted his insurance company following an incident in a hired campervan: “I put the vehicle into auto-drive, walked to the rear of the vehicle only to be thrown to the floor as the “auto-drive” failed and launched us at some speed into the hedgerow, hence the damage to the campervan!”
10) On return from a “farm stay” camping holiday a family requested a full refund stating their holiday had been ruined by the “intrusive noise of cows mooing!”


11) A pet owner contacted a high-profile department store complaining that the dog coat purchased was not “fit for purpose”. She advised that when dressed in the “dog coat” her rabbit was able to “gnaw through the straps.”
12) A pet shop refunded a customer after they complained the hamster they’d purchased was “neither friendly nor cuddly.”
13) A customer contacted a leading watch brand to complain about the quality of its straps. The strap had failed to withstand a dog chewing it!
14) A customer returned a blouse to a high street retailer demanding not only a refund, but compensation for the vets fees incurred. She claimed the fabric pattern had caused her dog to fit.
15) A high street bank received a complaint from a customer claiming its TV ad encouraged animal cruelty. The ad featured a pet snake being released into the garden.


16) A utilities company received a complaint stating its customer service levels were too high. The customer suggested that the money spent on customer service training could be better used reducing customer bills!
17) A customer contacted their electricity provider complaining they were unable to watch a “vital episode of Coronation Street” due to a power cut caused by high winds!
18) When a courtesy visit was made to a customer experiencing unusually high electricity bills for a two bedroom house seven huge chest freezers were found. It turned out the customer was a taxidermist and used the freezers to store pets before preserving them – hence the high bills!

And finally

19) An internal helpdesk received a call from a colleague complaining that she could only view her monitor correctly if she lay her head on her desk. Following an investigation the IT support team rotated the monitor and the problem was solved!
20) A diner complained to the waiter that the Champagne recommended was not as “excellent” as suggested. Despite drinking the entire bottle, the customer demanded a refund for the Champagne!

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