Baldwin Richardson Foods Deploys Ross Systems' ERP Applications to Enable Growth and Respond More Efficiently to Customer Demand

Liquid Products Company Enhances Quality Control to Meet the Demands of its Marquee Customers

Atlanta, February 13, 2006 — Ross Systems, Inc. ("Ross"), a global provider of enterprise software solutions and a division of CDC Software, the enterprise software company of CDC Corporation (NASDAQ: CHINA), has enabled food manufacturer Baldwin Richardson Foods to scale for growth and achieve significant business improvements by deploying its enterprise application, which is designed to address the unique challenges of the food industry.

From its award-winning dessert toppings and sauces, such as Mrs. Richardson's® and Nance's,® to the company's industrial, co-packing and private label products, Baldwin Richardson Foods has achieved year-over-year growth since implementing Ross' enterprise business applications. In addition, the company has increased its product offering and profits with the recent acquisition of a $30 million division of The JM Smucker Company.

"We have seen a tremendous upswing in activity since we've taken advantage of all the capabilities inherent in the Ross solution," said Michele Salva, director of IT and project management at Baldwin Richardson Foods. "Ross has helped us support the growth that took us from a mid-size company to a major industry player."

The Ross solution has simplified supplier management for Baldwin Richardson Foods. Providing increased visibility and access to real-time information, the company has been able to easily coordinate with more than 300 suppliers, reducing the costs of goods sold, improving inventory utilization and responding more efficiently to customer demand.

Scaling to support the company's expanding product lines, the Ross solution has enabled Baldwin Richardson Foods to enhance quality control by providing integrated bi-directional lot tracing capabilities. In contrast to the manual lot-trace system used prior to implementing Ross' enterprise applications, the company can now achieve 100 percent traceability and has the ability to conduct mock recalls within two hours. In turn, this enables Baldwin Richardson Foods to meet the quality-related standards of all its customers, including major brands like Kellogg's and McDonald's.

"Ross is dedicated to helping customers meet the demands of the industries they serve," said Scot McLeod, vice president of marketing for Ross Systems. "With expertise in the food and beverage industry, Ross enables manufacturers like Baldwin Richardson Foods to take full advantage of their IT investment to offer the highest quality products and improve the way they do business."

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