chinadotcom corporation First in China to Announce Independent Third Party Web Audit Results

Realistic and Conservative Pageview To Set Internet Industry Standards for Consistency and Transparency

Hong KonG, June 26, 2000 — chinadotcom corporation [NASDAQ: CHINA; Website:], the leading pan-Asian integrated Internet company, today became the first Internet company in China to announce results of a PricewaterhouseCoopers Web Audit.

In a pioneering break from established Internet industry practice, whereby each company uses its own standards and definitions to report pageviews, chinadotcom commissioned the internationally recognized accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers ("PwC") to conduct an independent audit of its Chinese Mainland portal, The audit allows for a fully independent analysis of controls over the end-to-end measurement process used to capture and produce key web site traffic and other web metrics. This practice, already adopted in more mature Internet markets, is a major first step towards establishing consistency and transparency in Asian Internet industry practices.

By using a stringent definition of "pageview" for a portal business model, portal's average daily pageviews, which is supported by PwC's Web Audit, - was 10.6 million for the period between May 19, 2000 and June 18, 2000. Contrary to the common practice in China, which counts multiple frames as multiple pageviews, this new stringent definition counts HTML generated documents containing multiple frames as only ONE pageview. Additionally, this new definition of "pageview" excludes 9 items often counted as part of established industry practice in China, such as activities generated by popular search engines and known personal spiders, all banner advertisements served internally by web servers, and pop-up pages.*

Prior to commissioning the PwC Web Audit, chinadotcom corporation used its internal standards and definitions of "pageviews" - which is still the prevailing industry practice - to report the following pageview numbers:

Entire Portal Network (,,, and Pageviews

P December 1999 - 4.2 million

P April 2000 - 16 million

L of this total 16 million, 10.2 million came from

The PwC audit, confirming 10.6 million pageviews for just one member of chinadotcom's portal network, reconfirms the huge success of the portal over the first half of 2000.

Said Peter Yip, Chief Executive Officer of chinadotcom corporation, "I am proud that we are continuing to lead the Internet industry in China by setting new standards of transparency and consistency in the reporting of pageviews. Whilst our own internal pageview estimates were calculated in a responsible and conservative manner, this audit will provide further reassurance to advertisers of the accuracy of our pageview numbers. I believe that future pageview announcements will reflect the continuing rapid growth of the portal, and reconfirm as the fastest growing portal in China among the top five."

Said Andrew Watkins, PricewaterhouseCoopers Partner, Technology, Information, Communications, and Entertainment, "One major problem with citing site traffic figures has been that the definition of a term such as 'pageview' means different things to different people. Thus, when comparing pageview numbers reported by different portals, there has been no certainty that the numbers are calculated in a common way. A key element of our audit is to clearly define how a given dotcom uses such a term - this is essential if we are to understand what the final numbers reported by these businesses actually represent."

Said Ed Hsu, Chief Technology Officer of chinadotcom corporation, "The recent major upgrade of our technology platform anticipated this rapid growth of users of our sites, who have been flocking to our community and commerce platform which include more than twelve '4U' products such as

Points4U, Mail4U, Search4U, Home4U, WAP4U, and Auction4U. We can easily accommodate further explosive growth with our scalable architecture across our entire portal network as other products and services such as Business4U, Space4U, and Profile4U come online."

*Definition of "pageview" by chinadotcom corporation, used by PwC during the Web Audit:

The opportunity for an HTML generated document to appear on a browser window as a direct result of a user's interaction with "" web-site and/or its related channels and/services. Specifically, in defining a pageview, the following activities have been included or excluded:

Included - HTML generated documents containing multiple frames are counted as ONLY one pageview.

Included - HTML generated documents arising from automatic "refresh" program routine built in the web pages at different refresh rates.

Exclusions - Non-HTML generated documents including image or script files.

Exclusions - Page view served from cache.

Exclusions - Activities generated by popular search engines and known personal spiders.

Exclusions - Activities generated from the internal IP address.

Exclusions - All banner advertisements served internally by web servers.

Exclusions - HTML generated document resulting from "failed" browser request, i.e., error pages

Exclusions - Pop-up pages

Exclusions - Splash and redirect pages

About chinadotcom corporation

chinadotcom corporation (NASDAQ: CHINA) is a leading pan-Asian integrated Internet company offering web solutions, portal and online advertising services. Through its three business units, chinadotcom is able to provide a full range of Internet services around the Asia Pacific region that; 1) build e-business strategies and solutions (Web Connection), 2) distribute content via its portal network (,,, and, and 3) sell services through online advertising (24/7 Media Asia).

Fuelling the growth of each of these three business units is a synergistic investment strategy that leverages on chinadotcom's existing operational and cost infrastructure.

By partnering with companies that have proven and successful track records, such as America Online, Softbank, Trans Cosmos and Agence France Presse, chinadotcom is well-positioned to create long term shareholder value through its investments.

The company has over 1,600 employees in 24 offices across 10 markets, including Japan, Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and USA. In Mainland China, the company has 12 offices and over 500 employees. For more information about chinadotcom corporation, please visit

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