High Tech Leaders Select Pivotal eRelationship for One To One Web CRM

Micrografx and Chancery Software deliver next generation eCRM solutions with Pivotal eRelationship CustomerHub and PartnerHub

Washington, DC, March 30, 1999 — Pivotal Corporation, the leading developer of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for Microsoft® BackOffice® and Internet platforms today announced that Pivotal eRelationship™, the company’s Internet based customer relationship management (eCRM) application, is being implemented by leading one to one marketing organizations including Micrografx, Inc. and Chancery Software. Pivotal eRelationship is the first application solution to seamlessly integrate the data, transactions, and CRM activities performed by front office employees with the data, transactions, and interactions generated by customers and business partners on corporate Web sites.

"Pivotal offers true CRM capabilities by developing Internet based solutions that are fully incorporated into the customer relationship management process," said Martha Rogers, partner, Peppers and Rogers Group and co-author of The One to One Fieldbook. "Pivotal eRelationship allows companies to develop Internet Relationship Hubs that enable employees, business partners, and customers to interactively collaborate on Web sites to transact business and build long term relationships. This, in turn, creates a wealth of new opportunities to improve the productivity of channel partners, cut communication and transaction costs, shorten sales cycles, and improve customer satisfaction."

Chancery Software: Delivering Seamless Customer Support

Chancery Software is a leading software developer for the K-12 Education Information Management Marketplace. With thousands of educational institutions from around the world using their software, customer support is a critical issue for the company. In order to deliver integrated, 24x7, support to its worldwide customer base, Chancery Software has developed an integrated support solution with Pivotal Relationship 99 and Pivotal eRelationship. While Chancery’s customer support representatives handle approximately 250 customer support calls a day, the company’s Web based support system, based on Pivotal eRelationship, operates as the company’s first line of support. "Pivotal eRelationship has allowed our customer support representatives to build a closer connection with our customers," said Devon Boorman, internet support services manager for Chancery Software. "Our eCRM solution, which integrates Pivotal eRelationship and Pivotal Relationship, ensures that our customer support solution is a seamless process that allows our customers and support representatives to work collaboratively in resolving issues."

Micrografx Inc.: Meeting the Needs of New Users with Pivotal eRelationship

Founded in 1982, Micrografx, Inc. is recognized as a leader in the global graphics software market. Micrografx recently selected Pivotal eRelationship CustomerHub™, Pivotal eRelationship PartnerHub™ and Pivotal Relationship 99 as the core of its worldwide eCRM solution. "Micrografx has been using five different systems, in different parts of the world, to manage customer relationships and technical support services. We needed a unified system with World Wide Web support in order to deliver the kind of customer service demanded by enterprise level companies," said Paul McIntosh, vice president, technical operations for Micrografx, Inc. "We are confident that Pivotal’s eRelationship applications will deliver us an integrated eCRM solution that will actively involve customers, partners, sales and support representatives in the customer relationship management process."

Integrating 360° CRM With One-To-One Marketing Over the Web

Pivotal eRelationship is a next-generation e-commerce relationship management – "eCRM" - application suite. Consisting of two integrated Web applications, Pivotal eRelationship enables companies to build Internet Relationship Hubs™ for conducting online marketing, sales and customer service with enterprise Web customers, sales and service partners, and prospects. The first application, Pivotal eRelationship PartnerHub, provides a company’s sales and service partners personalized access to selling, marketing, and customer information that allow them to collaborate over the Internet. The second application, Pivotal eRelationship CustomerHub, enables companies to extend Web sites with interactive capabilities for one to one marketing and customer self-service. Pivotal eRelationship is the first turnkey software application suite fully dedicated to managing relationships with Web customers and partners. It is also the first software application to fully integrate Web-based eCRM with Pivotal Relationship 99, a powerful front office CRM system for sales, marketing, and customer service employees. This integrated solution provides businesses an opportunity to extend CRM beyond the traditional boundaries of the enterprise and integrate all customer data into a shared database repository accessible to employees, customers and business partners from Web sites, desktops, notebook computers and Windows CE devices.

Pivotal Corporation is a global supplier of 360° eBusiness Relationship Management solutions that enable organizations to increase revenue by enhancing relationships with customers and business partners and conducting personalized online commerce. Pivotal's eBRM solutions fuse eCommerce, customer relationship management and business portals to automate sales, marketing, and customer service relationships between employees, business partners and customers over the Internet and corporate networks.

Pivotal's international distribution channel consists of direct salespeople, certified value-added resellers, systems integrators, technology partners and distributors. The company has more than 600 customers worldwide with more than 65,000 licensed users. Customers include Yahoo, Excite@Home, BottomLine Technologies, Micrografx, Hewlett-Packard Co., UNOCAL, Inc., Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Intel Corporation, Siemens Electric Ltd., USG Corporation, Lucent Technologies, Holophane Corporation, The Principal Financial Group and Sun Healthcare Group.
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