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Telephony - Freshdesk Integration
Increasing standards for customer service quality and efficiency have made computer-telephony integration (CTI) essential for today's leading contact centers to remain competitive. However, not all CTI solutions are created equal. In this guide, we walk through how you can minimize the risk of your investment when selecting a CTI solution for your telephony system and Freshdesk platform.




CTI requires the successful incorporation of your Freshdesk and telephony systems' APIs. Traditionally, neither of these platforms has included the application software needed for API connection. Freshdesk works with telephony-CRM integrator CDC Software to deliver a simple yet effective middleware solution

Reduce implementation time by avoiding custom coding.

A prebuilt CTI solution such as CDC Software is designed with flexibility and easily configurable updates in mind. You can further minimize the risk of your investment by selecting a solution with services that are priced per seat per month, on an annual subscription basis.


Minimize up-front capital expenditure.

Contact center technologies are advancing at a breakneck pace. It’s important to partner with a software provider who has a track record of evolving to keep up with customers’ changing needs.


Look beyond your immediate needs.

Minimize implementation time, total cost of ownership and risk of investment when selecting a computer-telephony integration (CTI) solution.


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