Meet All Customer Service Expectations With Your CRM Data


In this free guide, we discuss how integrating your telephony system with a CRM can help your contact center meet rising expectations for speedy service while creating a more personal customer experience. 

About CDC

CDC Software’s SaaS and cloud-based solutions empower companies to quickly and cost-efficiently integrate their telephony, CRM, and other mission-critical contact center systems, giving contact center agents the information they need to delight customers – on each and every call.

Our solutions create real-time integrations with a lower total cost of ownership and much quicker time to market than a custom integration project. Clients of all sizes use CDC solutions every day to provide a better customer experience. CDC’s unique system integration methodology makes it possible to implement CTI in weeks, rather than the months required by custom coded integration projects.

We combine a robust core engine with prebuilt connectors for leading CRMs including Freshdesk and Zendesk and telephony systems from Cisco, Avaya, Digium-Asterisk and SwitchVox, Mitel and more. As a result, CDC integrations are highly stable, scalable and flexible; if you ever change a system, CDC can simply and quickly be reconfigured to work with it.

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