Simplified CTI Configuration Key to Multi-Site Telephony System Launch

Groupon was operating multiple contact centers around the globe when they decided to harmonize their operations by implementing a new unified telephony system. To be successful, they would need a software partner who could ensure the transition did not interrupt their operations.


To provide an ideal CRM-telephony integration solution for Groupon’s multi-site telephony system rollout without disrupting operations.


Groupon, an American worldwide e-commerce marketplace connecting subscribers with local merchants, was in growth mode in 2015. The company had just experienced a record-breaking holiday weekend of sales in North America over Black Friday 2014, and sales were up more than 25% year-over-year. However, Groupon had been utilizing different telephony systems, web services, and CRM instances in their contact centers, which spanned from North America and Europe to Asia and Australia. And as sales grew, efficiency became a non-negotiable priority.

Tried and Tested
The first step toward greater call efficiency was to integrate the company’s many telephony systems, Cisco, Avaya, and inContact, with their CRM at the time, Zendesk. Zendesk, Groupon’s customer service software vendor, recommended CDC as the ideal software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider to help integrate the systems and smooth the corporate-wide transition.

Rather than dealing with multiple vendors with capabilities in each telephony system, Groupon worked solely with CDC and its prebuilt connectors to integrate all systems with their CRM.

The second phase of the project was to harmonize operations by rolling out inContact as the common telephony system across all contact centers. When the migration to inContact was initiated, a new CDC platform instance was created behind the company’s secure firewall to allow testing to commence without interrupting call processing and ticket creation.

Setup for Success
As is often seen during implementation, once the system was in use, it became apparent that some of Groupon’s preferences diverged from their pre-launch requirements. CDC Software worked interactively with Groupon post-launch to adjust the system for optimal usability. As a highly configurable platform, CDC was able to do this by turning settings for screen pops and other features on and off – no code rewriting needed – until the system was set up to match the client’s exact needs.

“CDC Software has been extremely flexible in understanding and quickly implementing our changing needs. The ability to provide this personalized support makes all the difference to our overall customer experience.”


By pairing a flexible platform with industry expertise, CDC Software facilitated a seamless migration with minimal operational disruption. CDC Software’s flexibility and vendor independence enabled Groupon to quickly and with minimal expense migrate from one telephony system to another while retaining existing CRM ticket creation for calls.

Groupon has leveraged CDC’s experience and technology to more easily switch telephony infrastructure and vendors to minimize expenses and improve efficiency of their call centers. The CDC platform’s architecture has performed very well and easily handled Groupon’s peak days when more than 24,000 calls were processed. To date, Groupon is one of CDC Software’s largest customer.

  • Seamless telephony system migration with minimal operational disruption
  • Improved customer service efficiency
  • Much improved customer experience