Transportation Execution

Easy. Correct. On-time. Prepare your shipments and documentation with ease.

In the execution phase, shipping plans are carried out with optional packing, generation of carrier labels, load confirmation and preparation of important shipping documents such as bills of lading, automated shipping notices (ASN), or certificates of origin. Preparing shipments manually is labor intensive and error prone. Inaccurate manifests cause major shipping bottlenecks. Automating execution with electronic document generation significantly reduces your risk and cost while increasing throughput and compliance. 

With CDC Software’s Transportation Execution solution, you can significantly improve customer service and reduce annual transportation costs by automating packing and documentation processes and carrier interactions.

Solution Brochure: CDC Supply Chain

Key Features:

  • Interfaces with In-line Scale, Label Printer, Laser Printer and Bar Code
  • Central Execution Platform
  • Electronic Document Generation

Here is what CDC Transportation Execution can do for you:

Cut costs

Reduces transportation spend through faster throughput and optimal cost breaks and consolidation savings. Reduce unnecessary errors and premium shipments.

Manage your carriers

Manage multiple carriers from one platform to access negotiated rates and find the most economical rates. Comply with carrier requirements on integration, shipping documents and labels

Improve customer service and compliance

Automatically confirm that the correct items have been loaded onto the trailer and create electronic manifests and export documentation such as the export declaration and certificate of origin.