3PL Client Collaboration

Can you see your outsourced processes?

The CDC Supply Chain suite facilitates collaboration with Third Party Logistics (3PL) clients as well as with their respective customers and suppliers. The web based collaboration tool adds flexibility to tailor client specific portals, as well as streamlining processes by providing access to the relevant functions and data.

3PL collaboration gives the clients a transparent view to outsourced processes by sharing information over the internet, and by providing distinct functionalities for order and inventory control.

Solution Brochure: CDC Supply Chain

Key Features:

  • Self-Serve Internet Portal
  • Client Invoice Auditing
  • Context-Sensitive Online Help
  • Role-Based Authorization
  • Inventory Availability and Status Reporting
  • Segmented Billboard

Here is what CDC 3PL Client Collaboration can do for you:

Enhance client loyalty with a rich online experience

Harness the power of client self-service by deploying internet-based portal with multiple web front possibilities, customized styling and linking to external sources.

Lower your costs

Rather than having administration at several sites, manage all of your sites out of a single, integrated system and lower your costs.

Reduce errors

Improve your order accuracy with a single entry point and all validations and promising based on the same set of data. And, with inbound/outbound order entry, tracking and confirmation, you have built in checks and balances.

Achieve integration at lower cost

CDC Supply Chain provides the automation and granular access to data you need at a much lower cost than a large-scale systems integration project required to obtain the same capabilities.