TradeBeam SaaS Supply Chain

A platform for collaboration coupled with an early warning system.

When it comes to supply chain management, visibility is only part of the solution today. A supply chain is a chain after all, and it’s only as good as its weakest link. You need to collaborate with your partners and give them the tools they need to do better work for you and vice versa. You need to know when the first signs of trouble emerge and take action early, to prevent damaged relationships and costly downtime.

The CDC TradeBeam Supply Chain solution is designed for your reality. Built on an agile cloud-based platform, it offers you the ultimate combination of fast deployment, collaborative tools and deep supply chain functionality.

Dive into your SaaS Supply Chain solution

Collaborative Inventory Management

Get real-time visibility into inventory status, including on-hand, forecast, usage, orders, shipments and receipts, as well as real-time exception notifications.

Supply Chain Event Management

Learn about key supply chain events and take action early with visibility into order and shipment status across your global supply chain


Get up and running quickly and easily with the low up-front costs and predictable investment of our cloud-based platform.