Operations Monitoring

Plan, compare, and respond before bottlenecks affect productivity.

CDC Supply Chain operations monitoring is a real-time operational analytic that compares current operational performance against specific operational or business objectives. This information enables you to respond to bottlenecks before they affect productivity.

Solution Brochure: CDC Supply Chain

Key Features:

  • Intuitive Dashboards
  • KPI Monitoring
  • User-Configurable Dashboards

Here is what CDC Operations Monitoring can do for you:

Centralize your monitoring

By using CDC Supply Chain as a centralized monitoring hub, you can display information from multiple systems in a single dashboard.

Raise productivity levels

With real-time visibility into your operational supply chain systems and key performance indicators displayed as intuitive gauges, you are in a much better position to review processes and gain operational throughput.

Review your suppliers and carriers

Monitor the ongoing performance of your suppliers and carriers to ensure their work is aligned with expectations.

Empower your supervisors

Give your supervisors and managers the ability to configure multiple dashboards to organize information into domain or process specific areas. Give them the tools to remove operational