Sales Analytics

How effective is each sales rep at keeping discounts low?

The sales analytics solution provides easy-to-customize dashboards and reports for monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) with drill-down capabilities.

The improved visibility empowers all decision makers with the business intelligence they need to address key operational issues quickly and more effectively. It is pre-integrated with the global order management solution to provide out-of-the box KPIs.

Case Study: Isaberg Rapid  

Key Features:

  • User-Customizable Dashboards
  • KPIs
  • Data Warehouse
  • IMI Integration
  • Viewer
  • Editor
  • Alerts
  • Security

Here is what CDC Sales Analytics can do for you:

Answer key questions

Get instant answers to questions like: How are our service levels trending by region? By customer? Are our best customers receiving the best service?

Understand your orders

Get visibility into the percentage of your orders that are on-time, delayed, complete or in good condition.

Track sales team performance

Evaluate your team based on metrics like profit margin, sales to top customers, revenue and sales compared to budget. Get at-a-glance visibility into which reps are keeping discounts low.  

Take a hard look at your products

Understand which products are selling, who is selling them best and which products are generating the highest profit margins.  

Make data-driven decisions

Easily monitor salesperson progress, identify key trends early and eliminate guesswork stemming from not having the right information at the right time.  Decrease exposure to threats and capitalize on opportunities.