Slotting Optimization

What’s optimal for your warehouse?

CDC Supply Chain offers a web-based slotting solution that determines the optimal warehouse location for your products based on demand, historical consumption trends, dimensions, weight, and various other item and location attributes.

As demand for a product changes, so should the storage and replenishment strategies. Positioning within the warehouse is critical because travel time accounts for more than half of pick/fulfillment labor time. Slotting applications optimize the forward product picking locations in the warehouse, driving down labor costs while increasing order fulfillment rates.

Solution Brochure: Warehouse Business Intelligence

Key Features:

  • Automated Capacity Calculations
  • Slotting Analysis
  • Slot-by-Product Movement
  • Single or Multiple Warehouse Support
  • User-Defined Placement Rules
  • Automated Replenishment Task Generation

Here is what CDC Slotting Optimization can do for you:

Decrease travel times

Because inventory is always kept at the optimal warehouse location, you save travel time and resources.

Optimize space utilization

Ensure that the right product is in the right location for optimum space utilization. Proactively move seasonal or temporary products.

Reduce congestion

With foresight into slotting needs you can avoid last-minute decisions and plan for seasonal spikes to avoid congestion.

Flexible configuration

Take advantage of a built-in rules engine for flexible configuration.