Extended Warehouse Management

Make your warehouse operation a multi-functioning and transparent bridge in the supply chain

We are dedicated to support versatile processes and high speed warehousing to achieve faster, more efficient shipments and deliveries with minimum handling of goods and maximum throughput of orders.

CDC Supply Chain's warehouse management solutions optimize the use of resources and maximize the efficiency of day-to-day operations. We provide advanced capabilities to reduce logistics lead times by coordinating interdependent warehouse and transportation activities. Customers using the software solutions experience increased utilization of warehouse space, increased throughput, improved perfect order fulfillment and increased inventory turns.

Dive into your CDC Extended Warehouse Management solutions:

Warehouse Management

Implement supply chain best practices for the physical handling of goods in supply chain nodes.

Labor Management

Forecast human resource requirements, balance pick lines, and schedule the release of orders to the warehouse.

Slotting Optimization

Optimize the forward product picking locations in the warehouse, driving down labor costs while increasing your order fulfillment rates.

Yard Management

Control many yards and gives you the visibility and control you need to simplify and accelerate all of your yard activities

Quality Control

Keep track of every box in your warehouse facility, in real-time, making it easier to control operations and streamline quality improvement processes.

Warehouse Automation

Get the most out of your warehouse management solution by operating in real-time with directed tasks and instructions to warehouse staff as well as material handling equipment