Event Management Framework

Create an adaptive supply chain with real-time alerts and custom, pre-set responses to certain events.

Of course you want your supply chain to run smoothly with nothing that ever goes wrong. But smart companies know that isn’t reality. Our Event Management Framework (EMF) solution alerts you when there is an “event” that requires action and helps you put automatic escalation procedures in place.  In addition to the alerts already built into the software, you can build your own custom alerts that support the unique aspects of your company - creating automatic responses to certain events.

EMF solutions from CDC Software are quick to implement, affordable, and can make an immediate impact on your supply chain efficiency and profitability.

Solution Datasheet: Event Management Framework

Key Features:

  • Inbound and Outbound Alerts
  • Supplier Alerts
  • Inventory Alerts
  • Order and Shipment Management Alerts
  • Yard Management Alerts
  • Carrier and Destination Alerts

Here’s what CDC Event Management Framework can do for you:

Build efficiencies into your supply chain

Ensure a high-performance supply chain by enhancing speed, visibility, productivity and collaboration and minimize time spent manually monitoring key events that require action or provide important information.

Improve relationships with customers and partners

Improve supply chain relationships by providing visibility into events that affect suppliers, carriers, distribution, warehousing, and customers. Always have better information available.

Be proactive

Ensure a proactive response to critical issues before they become emergencies. Fine-tune applications before performance issues become visible to your system users or stakeholders.