Healthcare and Medical Devices

Supply chain management solutions to fuel your innovation

Your reality is an intensely competitive one characterized by fantastic innovation and regulatory scrutiny. You need to be agile, fast and flexible to compete effectively – and the margin for error and downtime is much smaller than your colleagues in other segments of manufacturing.

Our supply chain management solutions help you take your supply chain from a necessity to a competitive advantage. Backwards or forwards, across town or internationally, we give you the power to automate processes, enhance relationships, drive out costs and drive up revenues with supply chain management.

Key Features:

  • Supply Chain Planning
  • eCommerce
  • Global Order Management
  • Global Trade Management
  • Collaborative Inventory Management
  • Complete Supply Chain Visibility
  • Warehouse and Transportation Management
  • Third-Party Logistics (3PL)
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM)

Here is what CDC Software’s Supply Chain Management solutions can do for you:

Reduce your inventory

With alerts in place to notify you if inventory levels are critical, you can lower your inventory with less volatility and reduced buffer stock. Do fewer overtime runs and lower your expedited shipping costs.

Enhance your agility

With accurate information for decision making, you can act more strategically, with more agility and incur lower cost.

Reduce fulfillment times

Ongoing monitoring and event-based alerting allows you to reduce cycle times in your fulfillment process.

Capitalize on opportunities

Give your decision-makers access to the information they need to assess each situation, avoid potential threats and capitalize on opportunities to boost margins.

Get a graphical view of your business

Understand what’s in front of you with tools for creating user-customized dashboards and reports that help monitor progress.

Enhance client loyalty with a rich online experience

Harness the power of client self-service by deploying internet-based portal with multiple web front possibilities, customized styling and linking to external sources.

Lower your costs

Rather than having administration at several sites, manage all of your sites out of a single, integrated system and lower your costs.

Reduce errors

Improve your order accuracy with a single entry point and all validations and promising based on the same set of data. And, with inbound/outbound order entry, tracking and confirmation, you have built in checks and balances.

Achieve integration at lower cost

CDC Supply Chain provides the automation and granular access to data you need at a much lower cost than a large-scale systems integration project required to obtain the same capabilities.