Destacar e esperar o inesperado.

O sucesso requer muito mais do que simplesmente manter o ritmo das necessidades da cadeia de suprimentos, finanças e TI. Consiste na antecipação, na resolução de problemas antes que eles se tornem problemas. Com x-Alerts EMF, Você conseguirá agir mais rápido do que nunca e mostrará aos seus clientes os excelentes níveis de eficiência que tens à sua disposição. 

A análise inicial: a versão 6.0 faz sua estréia

Confira nossa versão mais recente, completo com um novo e melhorada interface de usuário desenvolvedor, janelas que podem ser ancorados, assistente de funções dinâmico, receptores melhorados e muito mais. Agora está disponível uma maneira ainda melhor de um monitorar de eventos, respostas e comentários.

Event management that strengthens more than just your supply chain. It strengthens your business.

You have workflow notifications in your ERP solution, and your supply chain, and in every system in your company. But wouldn’t it be nice to have a single system that could reach across software solutions and give you an overarching view of the events that affect your business?

With Event Management Framework (EMF), you can oversee your supply chain and your enterprise with one continuous monitoring solution. EMF combines the best of alerting technologies with proactive event and non-event detection and flexible resolution workflows. Get alerts the way you want them: text, e-mail, dashboards, etc.

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EMF for supply chain.

In business, foresight is everything, and it’s especially valuable when it comes to your supply chain. Acting on events and non-events that affect your supply chain in real time can help you smooth your processes, avoid unnecessary delays, and improve relationships with your partners and customers.

Monitor, measure, control, and notify for improved customer service with faster and better information about product availability, orders and fulfillment status.

With Event Management Framework’s real-time alerts, you’ll spend less time manually monitoring key events, and start enjoying a high-performance and adaptive business with enhanced speed, visibility, productivity, and collaboration.

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EMF for enterprise.

EMF is more than your run-of-the-mill alerting technology.  It not only pulls information from your various, often disconnected, software applications, it monitors and takes actions based on the rules you establish.  From checking stock levels, generating invoices, and managing business processes to updating your database and monitoring database performance, to reading web pages and handling intelligent message routing, it’s pretty hard to pigeonhole the huge value this little application brings to your company.

Increase your efficiency when you know what’s coming.  With EMF, you can easily build your own alert processes to make your enterprise more proactive and more competitive.  It installs quickly and easily, and you get immediate results.

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Compliance officers rely on alerts to help stay on their toes.

We all know that it isn’t fun to be a compliance officer.  Truly knowing that the company is aligned and operating within policy should be easier than it is.  With the right tools, you can manage your company and act quickly when rules are broken, whether they are broken by an action or by the lack of an action.

Set global, regional and local rules so that you and your staff are alerted when you need to be.  This powerful structure also allows you to pull the reports boards, executives and audit committees need to handle their business.

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Deep functionality without deep coding.

Deep functionality without deep coding.

As an IT group, you’re always on the lookout for technology solutions that quickly deliver maximum benefits without a major project. Event Management Framework provides an integrated solution that continuously monitors your existing systems, without the deep implementation and synchronization of alternative technologies.

EMF links all your applications, on-premise and cloud, and is quick and easy to install. Developers appreciate the simplicity of working with EMF. You can build maintainable applications with rich functionality in the fastest possible time with practically zero coding. Add Enterprise messaging capabilities to your existing applications with ease.

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