Vendor Managed Inventory

Get the help you need to ensure your customers purchase the right amount or the right procut at the right time.

Retailers looking for ways to reduce inventory and obsolescence don’t always get it right. As a supplier, one of the ways to help them sell the maximum inventory is to manage it yourself. The challenge is to convince your retail customer that you can help them lower inventory levels, reduce stock-outs and improve customer service levels. Not an easy task unless you have the right tools. CDC VMI helps you forge stronger relationships with your customers, and gives you the control you need to maximize sales.

Datasheet: CDC Vendor Managed Inventory Solution

Key Features:

  • Integrates with Ross ERP and Supply Chain Modules
  • Strengthens Collaborative Partnerships 
  • Forecasts Safety Stock
  • Suggests Replenishment Orders

Here’s what CDC Vendor Managed Inventory can do for you:

Update Your Customers with the Latest Information

VMI allows suppliers to automatically send regular updates to customers regarding production runs and expected deliveries, as well as real-time exception and alert notifications.

Reduce the Cost of Inventory within the Supply Chain

With product production and delivery now being based on the actual demand of products, there is a reduction in inventory held and transported through the supply chain, thus reducing overall supply chain costs.

Maximize your Trading Partner Relationships to Drive Profitability

Increased collaboration and visibility within a customer’s business is a key competitive advantage for a supplier. By offering better service level agreements and reducing billing and invoice issues, suppliers view VMI as their key differentiators in securing new business.