Replenishment Planning

Ensure that products are in the right place at the right time. And keep supply chain costs where they need to be

Replenishment planning is about having the right product at the right place at the right time. Effective replenishment planning requires a focus on the products, customers and locations that have the most significant impact on your company’s profitability. Well-executed replenishment planning ensures that service levels are hight and costs are low because it takes into account all the factors the affect inventory, now and in the future.

Datasheet: CDC Replenishment Planning

Key Features:

  • Order Quantity Calculation Based on Inventory Policy
  • Pegging Customer Orders and Planned Receipts
  • Dynamic Inventory Status Calculation
  • Queries for Exception Filtering and Inventory Stratification 
  • Replenishment Performance Score Card Highlighting Key Metrics
  • Configurable Inventory Consumption Logic
  • User-Defined Replenishment Time Horizon for Short and Long Term Planning

Here’s what CDC Replenishment Planning can do for you:

Synchronize Supply and Demand

Replenishment Planning synchronizes all of the elements affecting inventory so that you can ensure timely distribution to your customers. The module considers consumption rates and inventory levels across your supply chain, based on the business rules and inventory policy from the Inventory Planning module, and the demand forecast in the Demand Planning module.

Enable Planners with Powerful Tools

Replenishment Planning features a planning worksheet with aggregate views over a period of months, weeks or days that are meaningful for a particular product cycle. The Time Phased Replenishment grid and graph provide a full view of daily activity. Exceptions are highlighted so planners can act quickly and focus on the most pressing issues.