Optimized Orders

Improve on-time delivery, minimize the need for costly expediting, and contribute to the success of programs.

Whether you company is involved in a Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) program or following a Just-in-Time replenishment program in your own stocking locations, it is vital that you generate timely and cost-effective replenishment orders. CDC Optimized Orders allows you to have access to comprehensive information so that you know when and where products are needed, based on your company’s unique operating environment. When you have that information, you can send orders to manufacturing with just enough lead time to keep costs down.

Datasheet: Optimized Orders

Key Features:

  • Shipment Optimization Logic that Balances Multiple Constraints
  • Order Fill Logic that Balances Days of Supply while Meeting Shipment Minimums
  • Replenishment Sets and Groups
  • Multiple Graphical Displays
  • Accepts Customer Purchase Order Ranges for Order Creation
  • Integrates EDI Transactions

Here’s what CDC Optimized Orders can do for you:

Automate Replenishment Orders

Optimized Orders suggests replenishment quantities using the demand forecast from Demand Planning, plus the inventory policy developed in Inventory Planning. It will suggest additional items to include in the order to meet shipment or PO constraints, while minimizing inventory investment.

Addresses Your Unique Environment

Optimized Orders provides unmatched flexibility for compiling and managing replenishment orders. It recognizes your company’s unique requirements, taking into account the timing and the quantities of product at each location.