Inventory Planning

Make better business decisions when you balance customer service and inventory commitments.

The most effective inventory plan is the one that balances customer service and inventory investment levels. Doing this requires accurate forecasts and intelligent, dynamic inventory policies. CDC Inventory Planning allows you to track the effectiveness of your plans so that you can learn as you go.

Datasheet:  CDC Inventory Planning

Key Features:

  • Configurable Inventory View
  • Configurable Data View 
  • Graphical and Tabular Display
  • Multiple User Controlled Thresholds for Inventory Policy Calculations 
  • Configurable, Granular Lead Time Parameters
  • Inventory Performance Tracking

Here’s what CDC Inventory Planning can do for you:

Synchronize Inventory and Service Levels

Use your business rules to ensure that you meet customer service goals. Inventory Planning leverages the demand forecast from the CDC Demand Planning module to provide and easy way to test the business impact of a variety of inventory policies.

Tailor it to Your Business Module

Inventory Planning suits a variety of business models, including make-to-order, make-to-stock, or just-in-time. It gives you the visibility you need to drive traditional or collaborative programs across multiple stocking locations.