Demand Planning

Plan more proactively, frequently and accurately with CDC Demand Planning.

Demand planning drives your entire supply chain from inventory, distribution and manufacturing to interactions with suppliers and service to customers. When you get demand planning right, you can accurately forecast demand down to the customer location level and understand how demand patterns affect your business.

Datasheet: CDC Demand Planning

Key Features:

  • Product Profitability Analysis by Customer, Location, SKU
  • Variable Time Periods for Forecasting in Weekly and Monthly Increments
  • Flexible aggregations of Demand that Model Business Processes
  • Support for Top-Down, Bottom-Up and Middle-Out Forecasting
  • User-Defined Configuration
  • Extensive Simulation Capability
  • Unique “Scratchpad” Functionality in a Dynamic, Graphical Presentation

Here’s what CDC Demand Planning can do for you:

Analyze Customer Product Profitability

With CDC Demand Planning, you have the power to analyze profit by customer, location and even SKU level, using customer-based pricing and the cost of distribution product from different locations. Cut costs and increase responsiveness when you improve demand planning activities.

Improve Corporate Planning

Demand Planning is especially suited to the needs of companies when their demand patterns are changing. The system continually improves each forecast, learning from the most recent period of demand, measuring forecast error and highlighting exceptions.