Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Optimize production plans and schedules with CDC APS

Juggling continually changing priorities in order to meet customer service levels and corporate financial targets is every planner’s daily routine. Aligning production, inventory and supply is a tough task, but it is simplified when you have the right APS tools.

Datasheet:  CDC Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Key Features:

  • Demand-Driven Finite Capacity Production Planning
  • Multi-Site, Multi-User, Enterprise-Wide
    Factory/Machine Level
  • Span Strategic, Tactical and Operational
  • Constraint-Based Planning, Accounting for Resource Availability, Capacity, Materials and Labor
  • Dynamic, Real-Time Alerts and Warnings
  • Rules-Based, Step-Wise Optimization, Using a Library of Algorithms

Here’s what CDC APS can do for you:

Create Accurate, Feasible Plans and Schedules

CDC APS helps you balance conflicting objectives through feasible production plans that optimize capacity, materials and labor. Because of its speed and effectiveness, APS can dramatically reduce your planning cycle and enable you to respond quickly and confidently to changes.

Provide Fast, Intelligent Decision Support

APS provides a graphical environment with dynamic alerts to let your planners identify and respond to issues immediately. By providing “what-if” scenario planning, you have the visibility and high quality decision support you need to move faster and provide better customer service.