Envision X ERP

Trading companies in Asia rely on Envision X ERP for scalability.

Envision X is a scalable state-of-the-art trading and accounting software package.  With Envision X, you can automate a wide range of business processes such as sales, purchasing, inventory and accounting. It is highly scalable, and it can grow as your needs grow.

Optimize the cost of sales, develop new approaches to increasing sales, improve operation efficiency, and much more using features commonly needed in large to medium-sized trading companies, such as multi-company, multi-location, multi-currency and report analysis.

Envision X has traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese and English language interfaces.

Dive into your CDC Envision X solutions:


Streamline your order processing cycle and enhance customer service through accurate, timely order fulfillment.


Collect, analyze and report accounting data so that you can manage corporate performance and measure ROI


Keep an optimal balace between service level and inventory level at multiple branches.


Buy wisely.  The purchasing module creates vendor statistics that help you negotiate better details.  POs are easy to create, and receiving and accounting steps are streamlined.