Budgeting and Forecasting

Boost stakeholder confidence with sophisticated budgets and forecasts.

Eliminate the manual process of combining multiple spreadsheets. With the CDC Financial Management Budgeting & Forecasting module, approved budgets are automatically rolled up through your reporting hierarchy for quick and easy analysis of company-wide or business segment budgets.

Perform top down planning, bottom-up budgeting, driver-based budgeting, rolling forecasts and “what if” analysis. Instill stakeholder confidence in your budgets, and ensure that your organization is executing to plan. You can also create rolling budgets and forecasts, which are refreshed by the latest financial and operational data from the most recent month or quarter.

Brochure: Financial Management Suite

Key Features:

  • Top Down Planning and Bottom-Up Budgeting
  • Driver-Based Budgeting
  • Real-Time Actual and Historical Data Analysis
  • Workflow processes Built-in
  • Line Item Detail Budgeting Below GL Account Level
  • Audit and Activity Tracking

Here’s what the Budgeting and Forecasting module can do for your team:

See the Big Picture

Compare “actual versus forecasted” from current and previous time periods and current forecast projections.

Examine the Data

Drilldown and multi-dimensional slicing and dicing helps users explore data, evaluate models, and test assumptions in minutes.