Hosting Services

A secure environment – and peace of mind for your business.

Ross in the Cloud is a unique opportunity for process manufacturers to run a full- fledged ERP solution without the hassles of managing your own hardware. Licensed or subscription-based hosting solutions are available, minimizing your upfront investment.

Many cloud solutions make their users share the same database. If you want the convenience of a cloud solution, but don’t want your financial data or confidential recipes and formulas in the same database with your competitors, a Ross ERP solution is for you. Our configuration allows every company to subscribe to a secure database that holds their own data—and only their own data. This gives you exponential peace of mind that your data and business information is safe and secure.

Ross in the Cloud delivers:

Lower infrastructure and support costs

We take the hardware and infrastructure burdens on our shoulders. You don’t need to add technical support personnel, or worry about supporting an enterprise solution. We handle the hardware, so you get up and running faster with our already best-in-class implementation process.

Upgrades when you’re ready

Your cloud-based subscription covers all upgrades and fixes, but they aren’t arbitrarily applied. You determine when you want to apply the upgrades and fixes so that your team is up to speed, and together we reduce any potential impact on productivity.

Scalable technology

Ross ERP is built to scale from small, single-site customers to large multinationals running several languages in multiple currencies. Our cloud solution has all the scalability as our on-premise solution, so we grow as you grow.