We take care of the implementation details, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Customers consistently benefit from our service staff’s commitment to delivering the highest quality service to our customers.

Our service team offers:

Technology services

Our technology services staff configures and optimizes your business systems to leverage business and technology advancements. A variety of performance and quality assessments will help you get the most value from your Ross ERP solutions and computer systems.

Business services

From imparting business best practices to providing custom programming, our business services staff can help you align your Ross ERP solution with your unique business objectives.

Software knowledge

All of our consultants have more than three years experience with Ross ERP solutions. Our consultants spend at least of 10% of their time enhancing their product, technical, and industry knowledge. Our customers benefit from a consulting organization that’s fresh and current – and on the leading edge of ERP solutions.

Real world experience

Ross Services play an integral role in product planning, including new product design and qualifications. Applying real world experiences with customers to our product development process helps to optimize the value of Ross ERP solutions –  now and in the future.

Team consistency

Ross Services maintains a near-zero rate of attrition, which is very unusual in the software consulting business. For our customers, this means increased consistency and familiarity over the long-term.

Time to deliver

More than 80% of Ross ERP implementations go live in 20 weeks or less.