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Drive customer satisfaction and loyalty through the roof.

It’s well known that the cost of acquiring new customers is always higher than the cost to retain an existing customer. Our Loyalty Module allows you to create an engaging and unique experience for your customers through points or rewards programs. Encourage customers to continue building rewards points by remaining your dedicated customer. It’s the perfect tool to show customers what they get from your goods/services and why they should continue to be your customer.

Truition eCommerce helps companies that offer points/miles-based loyalty programs an online venue for customers to redeem their points or miles for merchandise or experiential rewards. We help you deepen customer relationships with online loyalty programs.

Drive customer satisfaction with your loyalty solution:

Easy Integration

Our platform fully integrates with existing loyalty systems and third-party partners.


Create different offers or rewards campaigns for segmented audience groups or tiered rewards levels.

Unparalleled Experiences

Create lasting memories and unique experiences with spectacular prizes for your valued customers.

Email & Social Media Integration

Our loyalty campaigns easily integrate into existing email marketing and social media strategies to help leverage existing commitments and strategies.


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