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CMS Auction Platform

Enterprise level online auction platforms can be applied to rewards programs, customer loyalty strategies, and even customer acquisition plans.

For many merchants and web retailers, online auctions represent an untapped market. While some brands and manufacturers may question auction’s viability in eCommerce, the reality is that a single eCommerce site isn’t applicable to all shoppers in all markets.

Online auctions allow you to target secondary eCommerce markets without damaging your brand. Furthermore, online auctions can be used as a private reward site for existing customers across any number of non-traditional eCommerce industries.

CMS Auction gives you the ability to round out your eCommerce strategy, hitting different audiences and markets while acquiring more customers, and improving customer satisfaction.

Dive into your Online Auction solution:

eBay Auctions

Leverage eBay as a core online sales channel to take advantage of a thriving and unique community of shoppers.

In-Site Auctions

Create your own ecosystem by integrating multiple vendors, partners and consumers together on a single eCommerce site.


Create your own online loyalty program for partners and customers with Truition eCommerce and Points.com, the world’s leading reward program management portal.

Reverse Logistics

Sell used or previously purchased merchandise via online auction to recover portions of lost sales without damaging or negatively affecting your brand.


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