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eBay Auctions

Managing third party auctions and marketplaces isn’t easy. We’ve got the solution for you.

The Truition eCommerce eBay Auctions Module allows you to customize and brand your eBay marketplace to better support and reflect your business. Our solution employs a unique combination of eBay-specific inventory, order, customer and listing management software, all with a dedicated and experienced services team.

Dive into our eBay Auction solution:

Independent Sales Channel

Use eBay’s marketplace as a way to create additional sales as part of a secondary online revenue channel.

Thriving Online Community

Maximize eBay’s shoppers and make sales to a thriving online community of buyers that you might not attract to your website.

Powerful Merchandising

Create targeted promotions and compelling designs to have your marketplace stand out and drive more incremental revenue.

Advanced Reporting

Use our powerful business intelligence and reporting engines to understand web traffic, high converting products, and areas for improvement.


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