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Supplier Collaboration

Know that you can see those advance shipment notices in advance.

Our Supply Chain Management solution extends the reach of optimization beyond the boundaries of your organization by providing collaboration tools for your extended supply chain. By providing a web based tool for access to relevant data in your supply chain solution, fulfillment operations can be streamlined and experience high levels of accuracy and customer service.

Supplier Collaboration deals with streamlining supply chain operations by leveraging advance shipment information and better visibility of product supply.

Solution Brochure: Supply Chain Management

Key Features:

  • Order and Invoice History
  • Order Confirmation
  • Self-Service Internet Portal
  • Context-Sensitive Online Help
  • Segmented Billboard
  • Ship Notification / ASN Creation
  • Roll-Based Authorization

Here is what Customer Collaboration can do for you:

Lower your costs

Lowers application administration costs by managing multiple sites from within a single system and all the while boost your ASN rate for a reduced cost in goods.

Get closer to your suppliers

Make your business easier to work with through supplier automation and collaboration around inventory. Give suppliers a self-serve internet portal to help them work with you faster and collaborate around replenishment schedules.

Welcome all levels of suppliers

Give your smaller or less tech-savvy suppliers entry-level ASN enablement. With automation working for you, welcome smaller or less-frequent suppliers as you would major partners.

Reduce errors

Reduce the opportunity for manual errors by automating key processes like matching invoices to purchase orders and data entry.

Set up an online self-serve portal

Harness the power of supplier self-service by deploying internet-based portal with multiple web front possibilities, customized styling and linking to external sources.


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