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Work Orders

Track work orders from start to finish.

4-Gov Work Orders is used to schedule and track maintenance and inspections, normally scheduled activities, and emergency repairs.  Work Orders can be for equipment, vehicles, buildings—anything that might need to be monitored, maintained, or repaired.

4-Gov Work Orders allows you to define and manage maintenance groups and schedules by calendar dates or units. Save time by automatically generating work tickets and easily view maintenance activities that are in progress.

Solution Datasheet: 4-Gov Utility Billing

Key Features:

  • Work Tickets
  • Calendar or Unit Tracking
  • Flexible Skip Day Settings
  • User-defined Groups and Schedules

Here's what 4-Gov Work Orders can do for you:

Increase Flexibility

Easily establish an unlimited number of calendar or unit based tickets for each asset.

Ensure Accuracy

Work Orders is fully integrated with 4-Gov Financial and Utility Suite applications.

Maintain Control

Maintenance Tickets can be defined to require approval at a supervisory level prior to work being performed.


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