Manage Recalls in Minutes with TraceExpress

July 17, 2012

TraceExpress empowers you to manage recalls in minutes instead of hours or days.

Protect your brand.  TraceExpress assures safety, compliance, and quality.

TraceExpress is a best-in-class tracking and tracing module built into Ross ERP, providing the ability to trace a defective lot from finished good back to raw ingredient, from  raw ingredient to finished good, or from mid-production backwards and forwards using navigation that’s as simple to use and read as any mapping or street navigation program.  Companies using  TraceExpress have cut recalls and mock recalls to minutes instead of hours or days.

  • As easy to use and read as any mapping program
  • Quickly completes track & trace in seconds
  • Accurately reports lot trace information
  • Increases visibility into product lot activity and quality history
  • Increases brand protection capabilities
  • Streamlines your abilities to comply with industry and government regulations

Get the details in this important document.

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