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Business Intelligence Reporting Services

Gain greater visability in your organization.

As a not-for-profit, you often have limited resources, and reporting and running analytics on your membership is one of the last items on your to-do list. But, there’s much to learn from gaining greater visibility into your membership, its makeup, activity and revenues.

With gomembers AMS, we’ve deployed a solution to help you achieve this visibility and save valuable time. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services fills all your reporting needs—no matter where your data resides or where your users are located. gomembers Reporting Services (gRS) take full advantage of the powerful SQL Server database. gRS delivers reports in a simple-to-access format with modern, easy-to-use reporting tools. Concise summaries and updates are gathered from different sources to give executives the details they need to make timely and well informed decisions.

Solution Brochure: gomembers AMS Overview

Key features:

  • Standard Reports
  • Cross-reporting with Other Data Resources
  • Graphical Reports
  • Report Scheduler
  • Pre-defined Data Sources
  • MS Report Builder 3.0
  • Distributable reports
  • Private and Shared Folders

Here's what gomembers Reporting Services can do for you:

Obtain Detailed Member Insight

Analyze your member data by customer and membership type, and by month joined and year of admission. You can also create detailed member profiles, analyze member purchases by years of association membership, and create lists of new and suspended members.

Smart Integration

In addition to our standard reports available in an integrated report writer and the expansive reporting environment provided by Microsoft Reporting Services, gomembers Reporting Service also includes a robust Microsoft Access report writing environment and ODBC connectivity, enabling you to use your favorite ODBC-compliant report writing tool.


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