Ensuring Best in Class Food Safety and Traceability

June 27, 2011

On this webcast, Matthew Littlefield, Senior Research Analyst at the Aberdeen Group, presents survey data from the latest Aberdeen benchmark report on food safety and traceability, and correlates specific business capabilities and technology enablers to higher operational performance achieved by Best in Class manufacturers.

"Food safety, compliance, product recalls, and brand reputation have forced many companies to question their ability to provide enterprise-wide traceability," says Matthew Littlefield, Senior Research Analyst at the Aberdeen Group. "Many forward thinking manufacturers have already established processes and implemented technologies that have improved product and process traceability across their enterprises."

Les Howell, Executive Director of IT at Illes Seasonings & Flavors, joins Matt to provide real world perspective on the food safety, traceability and recall management processes and technologies that have allowed Illes to exceed food safety mandates, protect their brands, and drive new business.

Track your ingredient faster than you can watch this demo.

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