Generation Y, Shopping like we’ve Never Shopped Before

October 17, 2011

Paul Elswood, managing director of CDC Software, the customer complaints and feedback management solution provider, looks at ‘Generation Y’ and how this interactive population group has changed the way we shop, and explains why retailers and service providers must change the way they communicate with customers if they are to re-engage with this consumer generation.

Generation Y is the largest generation since the post-war ‘Baby Boomers’ and it is the first ‘consumer generation’. These adults have grown up in a period of relative prosperity. Products and services have never been so relatively affordable and there has never been so much choice—not only in terms of what to buy, but from where and how they can purchase them.

We learn why customer engagement needs to be the priority. Listening to, and learning from Generation Y. Only those businesses able to perfectly execute a seamless customer experience, integrating all sales and communications channels, will survive. Competition is rife as retailers and service providers fight for the ever diminishing consumer purse.

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