Planning for Seasonal Orders

March 31, 2011

Managing seasonal demand and orders – getting a good forecast, planning production & procurement and managing the fulfillment process – introduces significant additional challenges into an already complex process. For most manufacturers, the two key planning processes are Forecasting & Demand Planning, and Production.

The term "Seasonal Orders" is really used as short hand to describe anything that causes unusually large peaks or troughs in demand. Seasonal demand covers a number of different scenarios, but most often is expressed in the following terms:

  • Natural seasonal variations (e.g. greater demand for ice cream in summer and for cold remedies in winter).
  • Specific calendar linked events like Easter (chocolates), Mother's Day (e.g. greetings cards and flowers), Thanksgiving (e.g. Turkeys) or Christmas.
  • Regular every day Promotions which can happen frequently and semi-randomly throughout a year.

This white paper discusses the challenges of managing seasonal demand in detail and provides solutions to effectively manage expected and unexpected peaks or dips in demand.

Read the full white paper.

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