Uncover The Gold: A Business Case Study for Best Practices in Lead Management

April 3, 2011

Does the sales team take the leads you generate seriously? Marketing teams that follow lead management best practices powered by marketing automation can expect to increase their return on every lead generated. This is a fact.  By managing the process from the first stages of planning through the qualification, distribution and nurturing process, marketing teams gather meaningful data on what works, and what needs improvement. In this paper, we’ll give you the marketing automation best practices, tips and techniques you need to start managing leads that any sales team would love to have.

You’ll learn how one company used marketing automation to:

  • Generate a 1000% increase in qualified leads
  • Increase the follow up rate on leads from 42% to more than 90%
  • Reduce its cost per lead by 45%
  • Reduce advertising costs by 28%

Implementing lead management best practices through marketing automation reduces the cost of marketing, fills the sales pipeline faster with better quality leads, and grows revenue. So every marketing organization can finally discover the real gold amongst their leads.

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