White Paper: The Top 3 Reasons CRM Initiatives (Still) Fail—And How to Avoid Them

July 17, 2012

Customer relationship management continues to be a vital strategy for achieving higher profitability, improved productivity, lower costs, stronger customer retention, and greater insight into customer and prospect behavior—and therefore an indispensable strategy for thriving in a tough economic climate.

But while CRM success rates have risen dramatically over the years, many companies still struggle to achieve the return on investment they anticipated. Why is CRM success still such a challenge for so many companies?

"The Top 3 Reasons CRM Initiatives (Still) Fail—And How to Avoid Them" is a new white paper that identifies core reasons CRM projects fail to achieve their goals and provides clear, practical recommendations for ensuring that your CRM initiative avoids these pitfalls and delivers desired returns.

If you are considering implementing a CRM system or replacing your existing system, you won’t want to miss this insightful resource.

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